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Take the pressure off buying weaners this season with a StockCo facility that lets you
buy when the time is right.

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100% faster

Need to act quickly? We can
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100% flexibility

We trust in your expertise –
giving you the flexibility to manage and market your livestock however you see fit.

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100% simplicity

StockCo’s unique process is
simple and straightforward –
we provide the finance, you do
the rest.

Are you looking to purchase livestock this spring?

Do you want to be ready to trade when it starts to warm up?

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If you’re looking to buy weaners for backgrounding or
feedlotting to maximise profits on a 9-12 month trade, don’t
let your finances fence off your opportunities.

With over twenty years of experience providing livestock
finance for the Australian livestock industry, we know how
important it is to be able to act when the time is right. When
you’re ready to make a move, we provide the finance that
turns plans into action.

How it Works

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We provide the capital to purchase your livestock and use only the livestock as security - reducing the risk for you.

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Whilst we retain title of the livestock, you have the freedom to run your operation however you see fit.

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When you decide to sell, proceeds from the sale come to us and, once the purchase price and accrued interest is deducted, the profit’s paid directly to you.

Are you…

Looking to buy
weaners for
backgrounding or

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Need to act now
to maximise your

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Keen to work with a
livestock finance specialist
who understands
the industry?

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If so, StockCo’s 100% livestock finance can make it happen.

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