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Lot Feeders – are you using
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With StockCo’s livestock finance, you
can run your feedlot at full capacity or
buy and sell your custom fed cattle
when the time is right.

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Grow your business and maximise your profits with no initial outlay.

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Use your StockCo facility in a way that suits you. Get access to the livestock finance you need with the flexibility to run your business your way.

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Beef up your feedlot profits


Whether you need to fill feed gaps, create more
weight or you’re looking to fill contracts, StockCo
can help you make the most of your feedlot

With our livestock finance solutions, lot feeders can
keep their feedlots running at full capacity for
maximum financial gain, while producers who are
custom feeding at the feedlot can buy and sell when
the time is right.

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Looking to capitalise
on feedlot

Looking to expand
your feedlot?

Keen to work with an
agrifinance specialist who
understands your livestock

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Own your rural

Have more than 3 years
industry experience?

Have previous experience dealing in the proposed livestock class you’re seeking finance for?

If so, you could be eligible for StockCo’s livestock trading finance.

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