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Producers – it’s time to
trade up with Merinos.

Merino lambs are an ideal two-way
trade opportunity - wool and meat -
creating security in your business.

With StockCo’s livestock finance
solutions, you can make it happen.

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StockCo provides the finance you need to buy Merinos when the time is right and make the most of the season.

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Need to act fast? We can have you approved, onboarded and ready to trade quickly.

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Utilise your spring pasture, sell when it suits you, and create a three-way income stream - ewe, meat & wool.

Make the most of Merino lamb numbers

merino lambs

At StockCo, we want to help you make the most
of the spring lambing numbers and achieve
carcass and wool value from Merino lambs.

Increased lambing percentages and spring flush of
numbers have created excellent trade opportunities
– now is the time to run the ruler over lamb trading

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Prepared to unlock
opportunity with
woolly Merino lambs?

Keen to capitalise on
spring lamb flush

Ready to act now
and maximise your

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Own your rural

Have more than 3 years
industry experience?

Have previous experience dealing in the proposed livestock class you’re seeking finance for?

If so, you could be eligible for StockCo’s livestock trading finance.

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