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Tasmanian graziers – do you want to expand your quality cattle operation?

If you want to grow your numbers or increase your trading opportunities, StockCo can
make it happen.

100% Livestock Specialists

StockCo is Australia's most trusted specialist livestock
finance provider.

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Offering breeding, backgrounding and finishing finance to
Tasmanian graziers in a process that’s simple, swift and stress-free,
StockCo uses its own capital to buy livestock that acts as the
security – freeing up your capital for use elsewhere.

StockCo has provided livestock finance for over twenty years, and
is the number one trusted finance provider within the Australian
livestock industry. With an approval process that’s swift and
simple, we quickly have you ready to act.

Are You...

Wanting to free up your
cash reserve for
development ?

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Looking to buy additional
females to expand your
existing operation?

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A young grazier doing things
differently and keen to grow?

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If so, StockCo’s 100% livestock finance can help you make the most of your opportunities.

How it Works

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We provide the capital to purchase your livestock and use only the livestock as security - reducing the risk for you.

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Whilst we retain title of the livestock, you have the freedom to run your operation however you see fit.

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When you decide to sell, proceeds from the sale come to us and, once the purchase price and accrued interest is deducted, the profit’s paid directly to you.

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