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100% livestock finance

StockCo is Australia's leading specialist livestock finance provider

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Offering breeding, backgrounding and finishing finance in a process that's simple, swift and stress-free, StockCo uses its own capital to buy livestock that acts as the security - freeing up your capital for investment elsewhere.

StockCo has provided agrifinance for over twenty years, and understands the unique demands of the Australian livestock industry. With an approval process that's significantly quicker than that of other lenders, we'll have you ready to enter the market sooner.

100% livestock specialists

At StockCo we fund livestock. Not real estate. Not machinery. Just livestock.

We're true livestock specialists, so you can be sure you're supported by a company that understands the unique demands of your industry.

100% faster

Need finance in a hurry? We can have you approved, onboarded and ready to trade sooner than other lenders.

100% flexibility

We trust in your expertise - giving you the flexibility to rear and market your livestock however you see fit.

100% simplicity

StockCo's unique process is simple and straightforward - we provide the finance, you do the rest.

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08 Jan 2021

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