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Expand your breeder operations
and maximise your profits

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Exponentially grow your
business with no capital outlay

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Free up cashflow by releasing
equity from your livestock


How it works

You purchase any class of viable female, with the invoice settled by StockCo…

Meaning livestock stays on the StockCo balance sheet – allowing us to manage the GST whilst you increase your breeding numbers, without tying up working capital.

100 percent finance


How it works

Over the following 12 month period, you control and manage the livestock for breeding purposes…

leaving the management decisions to you – with the overall goal being an increase in your productive females.

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How it works

A local StockCo representative will conduct an on-farm livestock assessment…

confirming the number of viable females you wish to retain and roll over on finance for another 12-month period.

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How it works

To complete the roll over, a principal repayment, along with the accrued interest, is paid to us…

with payment made at any time prior to the 12-month anniversary of the initial purchase date.

principle and interest


How it works

These payments can be timed to income events, such as the sale of progeny, other livestock you own or crop proceeds. Payments can be made at any time, from any source…

and we can even provide a Stock Advance against the progeny, to assist in making the principal and interest payments.




How it works

We finance 100% of your livestock
purchase including GST…

StockCo take title to the livestock which means we
are responsible for the GST and finance charges only
accrue on the GST exclusive amount.

100 percent finance


How it works

Whether for two months or twelve months, the Stockco funding model lets you concentrate on getting the best results within your program...

whilst we retain title of the livestock – meaning you have the freedom to run your operation however you see fit.

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How it works

At sale time, we collect the principal and finance costs and release the trading margin as you sell...

providing real-time cashflow as the profit is paid directly to you.

capital outlaid




How it works

We work with you to assess the current market value of your livestock...

then advance an agreed amount up to that figure – letting you continue to maximise the price of your stock, rather than having to sell when you need cash.

income from livestock


How it works

You background, finish or feedlot your animals...

then sell when you choose, at the best possible time to maximise your profits.

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How it works

Once the livestock are sold, you receive the sales margin...

with StockCo deducting the original Stock Advance, along with the accrued finance costs.

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What our customers say

It feels like the first time I have been able to run my business at full capacity.

StockCo customer, Central NSW

Although the interest rate is higher than my bank there are no fees, and the process is so fast it well and truly makes up for it.

Sheep grazier, Mt Gambier SA

Thanks to StockCo’s finance I was able to free up some capital to purchase a new Case tractor.

Beef cattle producer, Northern NSW

It’s quick and easy and when you need to jump, you can jump fast.

Sheep and cattle farmer, Girilambone NSW

We wouldn’t have been able to restock after the drought without StockCo’s assistance.

Cattle and sheep grazier, Central-Western Plains NSW

I’m happy to use my StockCo facility instead of asking my bank for an increase because it’s so fast and easy.

Beef cattle producer, Northern NSW

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Frequently asked questions about StockCo livestock finance

StockCo provides livestock finance facilities to customers that satisfy the following criteria:

  • Existing livestock producer with greater than 3 years experience.
  • Own existing livestock producing property, but can also have other leasing or agistment arrangements.
  • Previous experience dealing in the proposed livestock class the customer is seeking finance for.

StockCo makes decisions based on its own internal credit criteria that may include, but isn’t limited to the above criteria. See the ready to trade with StockCo page for further information on the application process.

StockCo evaluates each application and apply a finance rate that reflects the underlying strength of your application. Call us to discuss our market competitive rates.

You can apply by completing our online application form or download a form from our documents page.

You can lodge your application with any of our approved distribution partners or directly with StockCo. To find a local distribution partner near you please contact us on 1800 283 447 or via email at [email protected].

In most cases we will visit you on farm to ensure we have a thorough understanding of your business and your goals.

After your application is lodged it will go through our Ready to Trade process.

Generally StockCo will provide a decision on applications within 2 business days of receipt of all necessary information.

We have a preferred minimum limit of $100,000, although we will consider applications for smaller amounts where there are reasonable prospects to grow over time.

There is no maximum facility limit. StockCo has engaged in a number of transactions greater than $10 million.

No. The only cost to you is our finance rate, which is calculated daily and compounded monthly on your drawn balance only. You only pay for what you use, and the finance component is accrued along the way and collected by StockCo when you sell, so you can maintain steady cash flow throughout your trade.

We take security directly over the livestock that we have funded. We register our interest in the livestock on the Personal Property Security Register. We also track livestock movements via the National Livestock Identification System Database. Additionally, in the event that our customer is not the owner of the business assets, we may require a guarantee.

In some instances, StockCo may require other security agreements following its assessment of the customer.

Our strategy is to enhance your relationship with your existing bank, by providing an opportunity for you to generate greater returns from your existing livestock business, without impacting your existing arrangements with your bank.

We do this by taking direct security over the livestock we fund and by taking guarantees from major asset owning people or entities.

Our Buying and Selling Instructions are contained in the document section of this website