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Unlock your equity and maximise your profits

At StockCo, we understand the unique demands of
livestock ownership

livestock specialists

If you find yourself needing to make sales decisions based on your cashflow situation rather than for your long-term, financial success, we can help.

We understand the value of your livestock. StockCo provides cash advances against your existing livestock, giving you the flexibility to market your livestock when you want.

Are you...

Not ready to market your
livestock but your business
needs a cash injection?

cattle in field

Wanting to expand in
response to favourable
conditions, but lack the
capital to do so?

cattle in field

Making grain and livestock
marketing decisions based
on your cashflow rather
than market dynamics?

cattle in field

If so, we can help you utilise equity in your livestock to put you back in charge of your success.

How it works


We work with you to assess the
current market value of your


We release equity in your livestock –
improving your cashflow and giving
you the flexibility to maximise your


Once the livestock are sold, the
cash advanced to you by StockCo
and accrued interest are deducted,
with the profit paid to you.

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