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Cattle Trading


Term (days)210 days
Expected Average Daily Weight Gain0.75 kg/day
Purchace Weight (kg)320
Purchase Price ($/kg)$3.20
Live Sale Price ($/kg)$3.20
Live Sale Weight (kg)478
Producer’s Returns and Costsper head200 head
Sale Price ($/hd)$1,528.00$305,600
Purchase Price ($/hd)($1024.00)($204,800)
StockCo Funding Cost ($/hd)($72.82)($14,564)
Producers Gross Profit$431.18$86,236
Producer's Gross Margin / Sale Value28.22%
Producer's Funding Costs / Sale Value4.77%
Producer’s Funding Costs Per Head Per Day$0.34
Disclaimer: Pricing varies depending on the Facility Limit required. For more information please contact StockCo.

Allocation of Sale Proceeds StockCo Funding

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At StockCo we understand the complexities and challenges of operating an agribusiness enterprise and have developed a range of specialised agrifinance cash flow and capital management solutions. Using StockCo’s facilities, livestock producers are able to maximise returns from existing operations and embrace new business possibilities.

StockCo livestock finance is available to fund purchases of sheep and cattle for backgrounding, finishing or trading purposes. In most cases we provide funding for 100% of the purchase price* and take direct security over the livestock.

*Subject to approval in accordance with StockCo’s eligibility criteria


We finance the purchase of stock by paying the invoice directly when you buy in store stock. You then carry the stock through to its optimum sale value and sell it. You’ll receive the sale value less the purchase price and finance cost.

You can access additional cash flow by selling your unfinished stock to StockCo, receiving their current value now, in cash. You then continue to carry the stock to its optimum sale value and then sell it. You receive the sale value less the original cash flow payment and finance cost.

Interactive Livestock Trading Calculator

Gain a more comprehensive understanding of the trade by using our interactive Livestock Calculator.


1. Go to apply now and fill out the application form

2. One of our livestock finance specialists will contact you to discuss your livestock funding requirements.