Weekly Wool Forwards for week ending 23rd August 2019

Sheep Huddled Together

It seems no coincidence that when the auction market began freefalling, no forwards were traded. This week, interest in forwards has begun to pique again, albeit centralized around the most popular MPGs.

In 19 Micron wool, four trades were deal this week. For September, one trade agreed at 1,680¢. For October, one trade agreed at 1,665¢ while for November one trade agreed at 1,680¢. One trade was dealt for February of next year and agreed at 1,750¢.

In 20 Micron wool, one trade was dealt and agreed at 1,645¢ for October.

In 21 Micron wool, five trades were dealt, four of these in September agreeing between 1,660¢ and 1,680¢. One trade was dealt for November and agreed at 1,650¢.

As with the auction market, sentiment seems mixed, but there does seem to be some confidence in slightly lower prices in the short term, with some hope for a rally heading into 2020.