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Breeder Finance Solution

StockCo 100% Breeder Finance
Supporting Australian Agribusiness growth since 1995

100% finance is subject to approval in accordance with StockCo’s eligibility criteria

An innovative new livestock financing solution designed specifically for breeding cattle and sheep to maximise production and manage cash flow. With the support and experience of our local AgriFinance Managers, StockCo can provide you with strategic Breeder Finance, allowing you to scale your operation sooner without the need for financial outlay upfront.

Maximise profits by matching your stocking rate to your property’s carrying capacity

StockCo can provide up to 100% funding for breeding cattle or sheep, allowing you to capitalise on seasonal conditions without tying up working capital. At StockCo, all we do is fund livestock. With the support of our local and experienced AgriFinance Managers, we will tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Livestock is paid for by StockCo, with no deposit or upfront capital input required by you. Put simply, any class of female stock can be purchased for an initial term of 12 months. The Breeder Finance Solution allows the extension of 12-month trades on the basis that certain criteria are met. All funding costs are aligned with your income events, smoothing out your cashflow.

We can help with solutions to:

  • Improve both short & long term cash flow
  • Expand your production using 100% of our capital
  • Structure repayments to suit your income periods
  • Advance funds against progeny you have grown to meet principal repayments and finance costs

How It Works

Apply in 2 Easy Steps

1. Click Apply Now and complete an application form
2. One of our AgriFinance Managers will contact you to discuss your breeder funding requirements

FAQ – Your Questions Answered

What is StockCo’s eligibility criteria?

StockCo provides livestock finance facilities to customers that satisfy the following criteria:

  • Existing livestock producer with greater than 3 years experience.
  • Own existing livestock producing property, but can also have other leasing or agistment arrangements.
  • The customer must demonstrate the ability or the method by which they will make the required annual Principal and Interest payment in order to extend the trade for a further 12 months.
What forms of repayment are acceptable to StockCo?

Generally, StockCo will accept the following forms of repayment:

  • Sale of progeny
  • Sale of culls and empties
  • Wool sales
  • Cash
  • Cashflow of progeny or other stock*

* We recommend that where a customer indicates from the outset that they wish to cashflow progeny to pay the principal, that they discuss this with their bank from the outset.

What happens if I can’t make the principal and interest payment at the end of the 12 month period?

We would provide a reasonable timeframe to be repaid via sale of the livestock or another agreed method.

I understand that StockCo only wishes to extend trades for productive females subject to the criteria being met, but what about empties?

StockCo would prefer non-productive or empty females are sold and the proceeds go toward repaying the initial advance. Productive breeders can then be re-purchased if required. StockCo can finance replacement productive breeders if required.

What security does StockCo require?

We take security directly over the livestock that we have funded. We register our interest in the livestock on the Personal Property Security Register.

We also track livestock movements via the National Livestock Identification System Database.

Additionally, we require guarantees to be provided by the owners of major assets, if this is a different person or entity to the borrower.

Will this affect my relationship with my bank?

StockCo is not a bank.

Our strategy is to enhance your relationship with your existing bank, by providing an opportunity for you to generate greater returns from your existing livestock business, without impacting your existing arrangements with your bank.

We do this by taking direct security over the livestock we fund and by taking guarantees from major asset owning people or entities.

Is there a minimum or maximum funding limit?

We have a preferred minimum limit of $250,000, although we will consider applications for smaller amounts where there are reasonable prospects to grow over time.

There is no maximum facility limit. StockCo has engaged in a number of transactions greater than $10 million.

How do I apply?

You can apply by completing our online application form or download a form from our documents page.

You can lodge your application with any of our approved distribution partners or directly with StockCo. To find a local distribution partner near you please contact us on 1800 283 447 or via email at

In most cases we will visit you on farm to ensure we have a thorough understanding of your business and your goals.

How long does it take to process my application?
  • Generally StockCo will provide a decision on applications within 2 business days of receipt of all necessary information.
What if I want to repay my finance prior to the close of the 12-month term?

You can pay out your obligations to StockCo at any time with no penalties.