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Apply online today to access funding for your pastoral or feedlot livestock or if you prefer the traditional way, download here and meet with one of our finance specialists.

We have the financial tools to help you manage capital and maximise on-farm profit.

Here’s where you’ll find our purchasing and selling procedures as well as all the handy details including our ABN and bank account details.

If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to call StockCo on

1800 283 447

A detailed copy of our Privacy Policy, including how we collect, hold and disclose your information and your rights.

Download a copy of our Master Livestock Agreement Terms and Conditions.

We are committed to dealing with our customers in a fair and equitable manner. From time to time legislation is changed and regulators may provide updated guidance in relation to existing legislation. In line with a focus on Unfair Contract Terms regulatory guidance, we have undertaken a comprehensive review of our standard Terms and Conditions and standard form documents. Following this review we have amended these documents. On 31 May 2019, our new standard Terms and Conditions were updated on our website and we sent a notice to all existing customers advising of the new Terms and Conditions. Where applicable, we will be contacting existing customers to arrange for replacement of existing standard form documents progressively over the coming 12 months. In keeping with our commitment to deal with our customers in a fair and equitable manner we will not rely on any terms in our previous Terms and Conditions or standard form documents which could be seen to be unfair. If you’d like further information about these changes, please feel free to contact us on 1800 284 447 or on

This document provides customers and their accountants with information which may assist them in understanding and managing the accounting and GST elements of their transactions with StockCo.

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