StockCo and Ruminati join forces on farm emissions pilot project

In a strategic collaboration aimed at supporting sustainable farming practices, StockCo is pleased to announce a 2-year pilot project with Australian farmer-led software provider Ruminati.

Ruminati is an online emissions calculator created by farmers for farmers. The platform provides accurate climate data and emissions information to help producers across Australia track and validate on-farm climate action across the supply chain.

Across the duration of the pilot, StockCo will refer a select group of Australian producers to the newly released Ruminati PRIME platform, allowing them to generate accurate, detailed, and personalised emissions estimates. Within the platform, producers can also model the impact of methane and CO2-e abatement options, set and measure against individual emissions reduction targets, and create tailor-made, future-facing emissions reduction plans.

StockCo General Manager of Partnerships & Distribution, Ciaran O’Gorman, emphasised the alignment of StockCo’s livestock finance expertise with the goal of enabling producers to contribute to climate goals whilst still improving farm productivity and profitability.

“Measuring on-farm emissions is the first step in managing them. We want to be on the front foot by making sure producers have access to the most accurate and efficient tools on offer. Launching this pilot project with Ruminati will help us achieve this.” said Ciaran.

“We’re extremely impressed by the commitment from the team at Ruminati to keep producers at the centre of their platform development. With producers playing a vital role in feeding the nation, they need appropriate tools and support to thrive economically while contributing to climate objectives.

“As the agriculture industry sets its sights on sustainability, we’re hopeful this collaboration will provide producers with a toolbox to navigate their industry commitments for carbon and climate outcomes. It’s not just about individual achievements; it’s about collective progress that paves the way for a more sustainable and resilient agricultural sector,” said Ciaran.

Once onboarded, producers can choose to share their emissions summary data and emissions reduction plans with StockCo via the Ruminati VISION platform. This collaborative approach enables StockCo to track sector-wide emissions against established targets.

Tumut based producer and Ruminati co-founder, Will Onus said, “By using our VISION platform, producers will be able to clearly understand their farm-gate emissions and begin to think about how to manage this in the future. Quite simply, the platform is more than just a compliance tool; it’s about showcasing environmental stewardship on both a farm and industry level, with ease and accuracy.”

“Every farm has a unique story of productivity and sustainability to tell, and this pilot project enables producers and the supply chain to quantify their positive impact. With Ruminati PRIME, producers gain insights into their emissions and, by sharing this data with StockCo, they amplify their impact on a broader scale. It’s a dual win – fostering a resilient farm and contributing to a sustainable agricultural industry.

“It’s fantastic to work with a partner who really understands and values livestock producers. StockCo’s enthusiasm for this project really exemplifies their commitment to both fostering sustainable agricultural practices throughout their producer network and directly supporting producers to develop productivity and profitability in their production systems,” said Will.